Endometriosis and Infertility: Sundry Treatment Aspects

For women who have endometriosis, the two most common symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility. Specialists at the Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Center have decades of experience in diagnosing and successfully treating women with endometriosis to preserve or restore fertility. Our advanced tests and treatment options have helped innumerable women increase their chances of conceiving.

Once diagnosed with endometriosis, and depending on the severity of the condition, treatment may include medication, hormonal therapy, and surgery. For fertility success, it might also include assisted reproductive technology. Washington University infertility specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Dr. Dan Lebovic specializes in fertility and reproductive medicine and has spent 27 years researching and treating endometriosis in the context of infertility.

Watch Dr. Lebovic’s Grand Round presentation, Endometriosis and Infertility: Sundry Treatment Aspects, to learn more about past studies and how outcomes varied based on treatment.

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Dan Lebovic, MD, MA

Dan Lebovic, MD, MA

Washington University Reproductive Endocrinologist
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