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2015 Beardslee Lecture:  In his 1958 Nathanson Lecture, Dr. Paul Wood pointed out that “aortic stenosis is a simple mechanical fault which, if severe enough, imposes a heavy burden on the left ventricle and sooner or later overcomes it.” Although the central concept of this statement holds true today, the last few decades have uncovered a disturbing fact: aortic stenosis is no longer simple. Once considered a passive process of wear and tear, aortic stenosis is now recognized as an active, inflammatory, and proliferative lesion. Rather than a simple diagnosis based on high valve gradients, in the current era large numbers of patients present with the diagnostic challenge of low gradient severe aortic stenosis. And, finally, the advent of transcatheter valve therapies has opened up new treatment options and new challenges in patient selection for valve replacement.

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Robert Bonow, MD

Robert Bonow, MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Bluhm Cardiovascular Medicine, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

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