The Future is Now: The Intersection Between Patient-Defined Healthcare Quality and the Social Determinants of Health

From the earliest days of the patient safety and quality movement, here in the U.S. and abroad, healthcare providers, administrators and researchers have taken it upon themselves to define "quality.” Metrics based on clinical endpoints such as blood pressure, hemoglobin A1c level, weight and others have been used to measure "quality" and "improvement.” With increased awareness on the part of this same group recognizing that social factors – the social determinants of health – are directly responsible for as much as 70% of a person's clinical outcomes, the need to redefine "quality" in health and healthcare is upon us. We will explore how social context may shape the patient's, family’s and, indeed, the whole community's definition of "quality.”

Community engagement video featuring local work by:

• Lisa Meadows, MSN, RN, PPCNP-BC, on St. Louis Children’s Hospital Community Health Advocacy & Outreach programs: Healthy Kids Express, Head to Toe, Teen Outreach program & Safety Street
• Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, MSW, on Pipeline to Compassionate Care Project

Speakers explain how multiple community programs meet patients in their own community to provide healthcare and build trust. The second portion outlines a program that trains medical school trainees to better understand social determinants of health and how life experiences can impact patient behaviors when interacting with healthcare.

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Mike Williams, FACS, MD

Mike Williams, FACS, MD

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